Sunday, May 27, 2007

FoHO Week #? Update

I have to get the number of weeks left of the MyDream Contest. It will make updating easier.

Last week was spent getting the first draft of the required design document done for the Foundations of Hope Online game. It is very rough draft. I am still learning what all I can do with the MoM technology so hard to design what I do not yet know.

Now I am 3/4 the way done with the male Paladin. That is the only update for this week.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Series Updates:
So I was sitting in church this Sunday and during announcements the pastor starts talking about an upcoming author in our midst. During the week his wife had been scanning through the Summer 2007 catalog from and to their surprise there was somebody they recognized. Me. This was news to me. He had me stand which is always awkward. Attention is good for the books, but I am never one to have the attention on me specifically. So after service, I had to see the ad and sure enough the Foundations of Hope was listed.

Game Updates:
Not much to update on the game this week. Mainly been working on the design document needed for the MyDream contest.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Special Forces

Well the first human class is finished(finally). Life/Work is finally settling down and all my free time is finally able to get some modelling done. The nice part is a few of the other human classes will be able to use most of the body parts, so I should be able to crank out some other classes pretty quickly. I also have to finish the design for the game for the contest in the next couple weeks.

Wayne Thomas Batson dropped by(see comment in last post). He got tagged in an interesting blog activity, but unfortunately I don't know eight other bloggers to participate. Make sure to visit his blogs.

The Special Forces:

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Another week and nothing to show

It seems that as soon as I entered the 1 year Dream Games contest, the oddest things happen preventing me from working on the game. I have been spending my nights working on work stuff and not getting any game work done. With what little time I have been working on the female Special Forces character.

Hopefully work will slow down and have more to update next week.

Well the few reviews I am getting back on last weeks book launch was that they like Book Two better than Book One. Usually book twos are filler but to have accomplished a better book than book one is great. Hopefully more readers will have the same reviews.