Monday, July 31, 2006

FoH Online Screen Shots

Just some quick screenshots from the game and where alot of my time has been the last week.

Male Saurian: Playable Character

Special Forces: Playable Character

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Foundations of Hope Online

Wow, here I thought it had only been a week, but it has been over two. It has been busy, busy, busy!

The flood-the-market campaign has kicked off throughout Michigan and will be expanding to the other states. The strangest is that the sales have been rather good since kicking off the campaign. Not sure what that is about, but won't complain :)

So why has it taken two weeks?

Work, writing book two, working on the Foundations of Hope Online game, building a new church website, building a new company website of ours(Lethal Games Corporation), and working on software for the new company.

I decided to release a couple model screenshots from the FOH Online game. Although the models have not yet been approved, hopefully they will.



Sunday, July 02, 2006

New Covers

I figured I'd post a new look at the covers in progress. I can't say I am totally convinced with the new FotU background yet. I'll have to see what it looks like printed and how clear the title is. I still really enjoy the fire, smoke, and lightning look from the hardcover, so that still may get put into the current red and blue borders of the new cover style. The main improvement was to bring the characters a lot closer. The original design looked nice in hand, but the characters are smaller than those on other books, so they didn't stick out from 10ft+ away. I will say I have always been partial to the oval fire/smoke look so who knows, I might go back to that and use the characters close up as they are in the in progress. This would mean cutting out all characters except Jarod and Rebecca.

The spine will get a new overhaul as well.

Here is FotU's current hardcover print and the original plan for Into the Darkness.

Not too much to add. July 4th I will spend the whole day touring across Michigan getting bookstores setup for the new promotion. I'll be visition Grand Rapids, Lansing, & Flint. A whole lot of driving but a whole lot of stores!