Sunday, July 29, 2007

Saurian Troll

Game Update:
Finally. The Saurian Troll is finished.

Working on dragons now.

Personal Update:
4 children and the wife wants more? 3 bedroom house? Hmmm... time to add on or look for new house. It has been interesting the last few weeks as my wife ponder what is the best option. The main problem is I need high speed internet and any vacant land is away from DSL and cable in my area. Everything points to adding onto our existing house and that has been fun to design and imagine for the future. It shall be an interesting adventure.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

No Updates

For once, I have no updates. The Saurian Troll is still not finished and nothing new on the series. I do have some updates on job information, but I cannot release that yet. So next week I should have the Saurian Troll model completed with images. Check back next Sunday.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Referral System

Game and Book Update:

No new models. For the last two weeks I have decided to work on the website referral system. It is something I have really been wanting to do and it ended up to be a pretty in depth chore to achieve. But it is done. The Foundations of Hope website now has an option to enter who referred you to the website. The website also has an e-mail system for registered users to use to e-mail friends. The referrer will receive credits of cash value for the store and they will also receive forum cash which will be used later on.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Fantasy Fiction Tour-continued

CSSF Blog Tour:Well doing my part to help continue promoting the Fantasy Fiction Tour. Below is a cool video Christopher Hopper(Author on the tour) created. Very nice job.

You can also find material at the authors’ blogs and web sites:

Wayne Thomas Batson – and
Sharon Hinck – and
Bryan Davis – and
Christopher Hopper – and

Personal Update:

Life has been sooo busy the last couple years, that I am usually on my laptop a considerable amount of time. I work during the day(not on the New York Times Besteller list yet so have to still work) then after the kids go to bed I am usually working on writing my books, game, websites, etc... I go to bed at midnight or 1am then start again the next day. Even watching TV I feel guilty to not be working on something at night. It is probably less than ten times in the last couple years that I actually just sat down and watched TV without working on another project. There is just not enough time in the day for such luxury for me. So this leads me to where am I going to come up with more time?

Here is a picture of my daughter and myself at a karate tournament a couple years ago. For one reason or another this was about the last time I had worn my uniform. I tested(and passed) for my blue belt after the tournament and that is about it. The teacher ended that class and never started it back up. But now, it is time to start getting back in shape and getting back into Tae Kwon Do. So now I have to figure out how to work more time to start running, lifting, and Tae Kwon Do. Should be interesting. Oh, by the way, I took 1st in sparring ;)

I was going to tie this into how can fighting, as in fighting in Fantasy stories, be allowed since we are writing Christian books, but I will save that debate for another time.

Game Update:

As I said, the Saurian Troll looks like it is going to be one of my favorites. Here is a teaser as I work on him. This will be a playable character. What a blast it is going to be. 8ft and 35o lbs of muscle.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Fantasy Fiction Tour

CSSF Blog Tour:

Lots to update so might be a long blog. First off I will be posting this week on the CSFF Special Blog Tour focusing on The Fantasy Fiction Tour. The booksigning tour is made up the four Christian Fantasy authors that will be touring twelve cities. The authors are Bryan Davis, Wayne Thomas Batson, Christopher Hopper, and Sharon Hinck.
I haven't yet communicated with Christopher Hopper and Sharon Hinck, but as always, I am up to help promoting Wayne and Bryan anyday where I can. That has got to be fun adventure for the authors.
Check out the tour website for more details:

Personal Update:
Just a quick pick of the new little one and family. The newest member, Mark, my 3 1/2 old Ethan, my 2 year old Brent, and my wife. My 11 year old daughter Jade is away for the summer but she is excited to get back and see her new brother.

Game Update:
Here is a screenshot of the playable character the Saurian Soldier. Now I am working on the playable character the Saurian Troll and it is going to look pretty awesome. I thought the Saurian soldier was my favorite, but the troll will probably be my new favorite once it is complete. Stop by later this week to check it out.
Book Update:
Not much new on the book front except that they are selling rather well. Not sure what is going on, but Amazon rankings have been staying in the 100,000's. Now if I can only get them in the 25,000 like Bryan's and Wayne's :-)