Sunday, April 29, 2007

When things go bad

Ha. I have to say, my booksigning turned out totally different than I envisioned. Pretty funny actually. So I imagined great publicity to let all those that have been waiting for Book Two, beautiful weather, and a generator to run my laptop so I can model during slow periods.

So what I got was, no article in either of the local papers announcing the book signing(even did an interview with one), it was rainy and chilly almost all weekend, and the first pull of my newly bought generator shattered the pull cord mechanism on the generator. As I said, pretty much totally opposite of my grand booksigning vision. Sometimes you have to look at life and what you want and just laugh. That in a way is the basis of The Foundations of Hope Trilogy. Sometimes things in our lives look bad, but possibly, without our knowledge, there is something greater going on.

This morning a spider was crawled across the floor and I had to stop my 1 1/2 year old from stepping on it. In his mind, I was stopping him and he had a fit, but in truth I was trying to protect him. I must inject, my 1 1/2 year old is a red-head and a temper to match. Sometimes, I have to wonder how many times we kick and scream yelling at God, but in truth, there was something very harmful to us that we were actually being protected from.

I am glad this week is over though. I had truck load of books to ship out by the May 1st launch, the booksigning to setup, I was on-call for work, I had a major project to implement for work, I was laying down hardwood floors, and trying to model for the game. Needless to say, I did not get much modelling done.

So a new week. I am working very hard on the new male Special Forces. I am pretty excited. It is one of the best models I have yet created. I love the whole design and look to the future process of the game. Trying to work out all the ideas of using the MoM material system and incorporating them in the best ways. It is not about just splitting a model into head, body, legs, arms, feet, and hands, it is about designing to use those elements in the best possible way so that I can implement a variety of cool textures into the game.

Well time to go. Hopefully next week I will have some models done. Only about 48 weeks to design on my models, so doing one model a week will not work.


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