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Wayne Thomas Batson Blog Tour - Day 3

The Final Storm

The Final Storm Review:
Aidan's quest to help Robby reunites him with his best friend, but things are not as they once were. Robby must make a choice to grip the power that has been promised to him or leave it all behind to follow King Eliam. In The Realm, Antoinette has been captured by Robby's glimpse and she watches helplessly as Paragor's army masses a force to a size never seen before. With Paragor's army strengthened, the Seven Sleepers and Wyrm Lord released, the survival of the Kingdom of Alleble looks to be lost. Alleble's hopes lie with the ancient legend of The Three Witnesses foretold to have the power to bring victory over Paragor.

Wayne Thomas Batson's The Final Storm brings a solid conclusion to The Door Within Trilogy. The first in the series was my favorite, but The Final Storm holds a close second. I was truly caught off guard by the ending. It definitely did not end as I had expected. The conviction of Aidan, Antoinette, and Robby to carry out there tasks to the end was pretty powerful. A superb trilogy for all ages and highly recommended.

Once again, I commend the publisher, Tommy Nelson, for the quality of workmanship in these beautifully designed books.

Teen Friendly: A (Written for children/teen readers)
Christian Message: A (Although allegorical, it is strong and wonderfully done)
Crude or Profane Language: A (none)
Drug or Alcohol: A (none)
Sexual Content: A (none)
Writing: A

Okay, a couple more character screenshots from the Foundations of Hope Online game.

This is a Lava Troll that only the Paladins(Warriors of God) will have to face. All other classes in the game will deal with the war between humans and Saurians(lizard creatures).

Lava Troll

Lava Troll


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