Monday, January 22, 2007

Wayne Thomas Batson Blog Tour - Day 2

A funny story comes from The Door Within Trilogy in my family. My daughter needed to do more reading and so I gave her a choice between my book and The Door Within. Well, The Door Within was my daughter's first novel size book she has read :-) She now is currently reading Rise of the Wyrm Lord.

Rise of the Wyrm Lord Review:
Back from The Realm, the vision of his best friend, Robby, following the enemy continues to trouble Aidan greatly. In the mysterious way that life works, Aidan meets a new girl, Antoinette, at his new high school who also believes in the Realm. In the days to come, it becomes clear that Antoinette will be called to the Realm as Aidan once was. Aidan requests Antoinette if she was to come across Robby's glimpse to try and help him see the wrong path he beginning to take.

Entering The Realm, Antoinette finds The Realm in the greatest danger it has ever faced. Paragor has unleashed the oldest and most dangerous enemies of the past and Antoinette is forced to choose to follow her duties as a Twelth Knight or follow Aidain's request to help Robby's glimpse, Kearn.

In Book Two of The Door Within Trilogy, The Rise of the Wyrm Lord, Wayne Thomas Batson does a wonderful job once again of bringing his world to life. I continue to enjoy the magical world that Mr. Batson weaves. Although I missed Aidan's presence in book two, Antoinette makes a strong and needed debut for book three, The Final Storm.

Teen Friendly: A (Written for children/teen readers)
Christian Message: A (Although allegorical, it is strong and wonderfully done)
Crude or Profane Language: A (none)
Drug or Alcohol: A (none)
Sexual Content: A (none)
Writing: A


Here is what Faith of the Unforgotten and Into the Darkness look like in the FaithWorks Spring 2007 Catalog.


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Thanks for the review of Wyrm Lord. Glad you enjoyed the tale. Your catalog listings look RIGHTEOUS!!

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