Sunday, April 22, 2007

Models, models, models

I must say I have learned a lot the last few weeks about the new game engine being used for FoHO. I have to redo all my previous models to fit the new animation system as well as the material system that the MoM Kit uses. I am almost done with the Special Forces model. Hopefully next post I will have some screenshots. I am usually modelling until 1am then getting up to do the regular days work at 7am. Coffee is good :-)

I am doing the Book Two debut book signing at the 2007 Kalkaska Trout Festival. Should be an interesting book signing. Many people have been waiting for Into the Darkness for two years and everybody is excited it is finally out. So I will probably be book signing Thursday, Friday, and Saturday(April 26-28). I convinced my wife to let me get a small generator, so if it is slow I hopefully will be able to do some modelling at the fair :-) Have 1 year to get this game done, have to use every minute I can.


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