Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Book Updates

There has been a lot going on with The Foundations of Hope series. The Lethal Publishing Corporation has signed up with the Christian book distributor, FaithWorks. Through FaithWorks, Lethal Publishing will be offering the Christian bookstores and chains the hardcover's $4.99 price to continue the 'flood-the-market' campaign. I've listed some books out on Amazon at this price if anybody comes along this post and is interested. Look for lethal-publishing as the seller.

I also have one of the first endorsement quotes that will be listed on the softcover version of FotU.
"Faith of the Unforgotten is an action-feast set in a realm of Fantasy. Imagine Eragon melding with a Kung-Fu action flick, and you've got it! Leathel Grody's concept of a technology depleted world is marvelous, and his heroine, Rebekah Ann Smith is a terrific vehicle for the story Mr. Grody has to tell. If you love fantasy and a lightning-paced plot, give Faith of the Unforgotten a try!"

Wayne Thomas Batson
Author of The Door Within Trilogy


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