Thursday, October 26, 2006

New FOH Online Characters

As always, things are busy, busy, busy. Working hard now on Into the Darkness and only a month left to finish it and I am still at chapter 6! All work on the game and other stuff has stopped until I finish book two. But before that lockdown I did go through and modify the website. I added forums, screenshots, and many other cool stuff for the books and the game.

The Foundations of Hope Online is now being marketed as a Christian MMORPG and the information is being included with the books. There will be a lot of questions concerning what people will want to see in a Christian-based game, so make sure to visit and give your opinion.

Before my lockdown, I also created more characters for the game. More screenshots are at the website, but here is a preview. Note: Characters don't have hair. That is an item that will be interchangeable so not built into the base model. Each human model will have three ethnic groups and each ethnic group will have up to five different face textures(different beards, makeup, etc...). This should give a good variety to the game.
Female Special Forces(Playable Character)

Male Special Forces(Playable Character)

Female Paladin(Playable Character)


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