Saturday, June 10, 2006

Book Signings

Yesterday I received my confirmation that I will be out in the Seattle region Saturday, August 19th for a Barnes & Noble book signing. I am looking forward to it.

I recently did a book signing at a local fair, and I must say it was probably one of my most enlightening events as an author for me. I will begin by saying, being a new author is HARD. Especially when you do not have the huge marketing campaign and contacts like the larger publishers have. An new author must be very creative and very persistant. It can be a very tiring process though. You start to wonder is it all worth it. You get to a point to question, maybe this wasn't God's choice for me like I thought it was. Shouldn't I be a on the New York Times Bestseller list by now if it was really God's plan? This last year has been exhausting for me. As I said in my a previous post, I go from 7am to usually midnight, maybe 1am.

So back to the local fair... I was lucky enough to meet a with a teenage girl that had already read Faith of the Unforgotten. In talking with her, I found out that she had read Faith of the Unforgotten while she was going through chemotherapy. Wow. Just the fact that I was able to take somebody away to a different time/land for even a short period of time, while they were going through a hard time in their life, was an eye opener for me. All the time and exhausting hours I have spent in marketing an creating the series were worth it in that one person. Granted, I want more to read the series, but for now I have a new energy to continue and move on.


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