Wednesday, June 07, 2006

First Post

Well here it goes. My first post in my first blog. I'm not sure why totally yet. Maybe somebody out there is curious of what I am working on. I guess we'll see. Although I know I will not be able to post complete intellectual thoughts and essays like some, I'll be lucky to get a few posts in a week. My day consists of 7am to midnight or 1am, usually non-stop. Too much to do, too many projects, too little time.

I guess I'll start with the name. Granted it is the same name as my The Foundations of Hope Trilogy, but this area will not be focused entirely on that series. I have other series I plan to work on as well. But The Foundations of Hope is more in reference to, what the trilogy is all about. To give a 'foundations of hope' that the troubles we endure in life are part of a grander and master plan. There are things that happen in life that are not wonderful, but they are things we must learn from. I can look back at the trials in my own life and now say 'wow'. Without those struggles I would not be were I am today, and I would not change a thing.

So there you have it. Hopefully through my series, this blog, or another area that I may work on, I will be able to to give somebody a 'foundations of hope'.


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